Volume 6

Issue 1 (2013)


Telling Stories: Fifty Years of New Playwriting in Scotland  

KS Morgan McKean

Peer Reviewed Articles

Last Girl Standing: on Zinnie Harris’s War Plays 

Julia Boll

Psychological Liminality in Anthony Neilson’s The Wonderful World of Dissocia

Gary Cassidy 

No Wrang – Jist Different: Some resemblances between Scottish Drama of the 1970s and the Australian New Wave (1)

Steve Cramer

Documentary, ‘makey-up’ storytelling and new modes of writing for the Scottish stage 

Tom Maguire

Giving Voice to the Global Citizen in The Speculator by David Greig

Pamela McQueen

Forum Articles

Playing War: Encountering Soldiers and Navigating Ethical Responsibilities in the Creation of Black Watch  

Sarah Beck  

Issue 2 (2013)


Between the Local and the International: Fifty Years of New Playwriting in Scotland  

KSM McKean

Peer Reviewed Articles

‘Who does the talking that matters?: Language, Politics, Identity in Scottish Vernacular Theatre 1970-2000  

Colette Osgun

The Theatre of John McGrath: between Theatre and Theory, between the Local and the International  

Olga Taxidou

Something In It for the Underdog: The Playwriting of Joan Ure

Victoria E. Price

‘Only of Scottish Interest’: 7:84’s Devolution Trilogy

Deana Nichols

Forum Articles

Scottish Theatre Archives at Edinburgh University Library  

Paul Barnaby