Volume 2

Issue 1 (2001)


Ian Brown  

Peer Reviewed Articles

Totalitarianism, Martyrdom and Social Resistance: Sarah Woods’ Antigone

Alison Burke  

John McGrath: an Updated Checklist and Bibliography

Ksenija Horvat and John McGrath  

‘By Policy a Native Theatre’: Glasgow Unity Theatre and the Significance of Robert Mitchell’s Scottish Adaptation of The Lower Depths  

Bill Findlay

The Scottish National Theatre dream: the Royal Lyceum in the 1970s; the Scottish Theatre Company in the 1980s

Dennis Agnew

Forum Articles

Disability, invisibility and theatre: which nation are we staging? 

Robert Rae

Issue 2 (2001)


Theatrical Invention and Reinvention

Ian Brown

Peer Reviewed Articles

Home International: The Compass of Scottish Theatre Criticism

Randall Stevenson

The New Writing Policies of Clive Perry and Stephen MacDonald at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, 1966-79

Ian Brown

Scottish Guising: Medieval and Modern Theatre Games

Sarah Carpenter

From Drama to Silent Film: The Case of Sir James Barrie 

R.D.S. Jack

Forum Articles

A View of Scottish Theatre in Edinburgh During Festival 2001  

Owen Dudley Edwards