Vol 8

Issue 1 (2013)

Editorial 8:1

Ian Brown and Ksenija Horvat

Peer Reviewed Articles

The Scottish theatrical landscape leading into the emergence of the National Drama

Barbara Bell

Eighteenth-Century Scottish Drama and the Contestation of National Identities

Ian Brown

Leading Lady of the Patent House: Harriet Siddons in Edinburgh

Thomas C. Crochunis

Book Reviews

The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Drama, Edinburgh University Press, 

Alan Riach

Issue 2 (2013)

Editorial 8:2

Ian Brown and Ksenija Horvat

Peer Reviewed Articles

Scotland as Screen: Vexed Projections in I Know Where I’m Going!

Wendy Veronica Xin

‘People know what they want to see’: Space and Reception in Rob Drummond’s Quiz Show (2013)

Jeanne Schaaf

Performing Cross-Cultural Relations, Identity and Conflict in Contemporary Scottish Theatre: Expatriate Italian Communities in Marcella Evaristi’s Commedia and Ann Marie di Mambro’s Tally’s Blood.

Gioia Angeletti

Forum Articles

Irony and the Construction of Scottish Memory and Identity in Contemporary Plays

Danièle Berton-Charrière