Vol 7

Issue 12


New Developments in Scottish Cinema

Simon Brown, Kingston University


Peer Reviewed Articles


‘On the Side of the Angels?’: Ken Loach, The Angels’ Share, and the pursuit of new forms of politically-engaged cinema

Jamie Chambers, University of Exeter


Stimulating Production Activity in Scotland: Advance Party and the Rule Doctrine

Linda Hutcheson


The Myth of Scotland as Nowhere in Particular

John Marmysz, College of Marin


The Wick Society’s Intervention into Industrial Heritage: Remaking Local Films for Future Historians

Ryan Shand, University of the West of Scotland



Scottish Films on Scottish Screens: Local Voices and Stories. An Interview with Alice Black, Head of Cinema at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Alice Black, Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) and Simon Brown, Kingston University


Issue 13


Diverse Strands

Ian Brown and Ksenija Horvat


Peer Reviewed Articles


Acknowledged Legislators: ‘Lived experience’ in Scottish Poetry Films

Richie McCaffery, University of Glasgow, and Stefanie Van de Peer, University of Stirling


Irvine Welsh and the Adaptation Industry: Filth, a case study

Robert Munro, Queen Margaret University


Patriotism and the Spirit of Macbeth’s Ambition in Dunsinane

Gül Kurtuluş, Bilkent University


Transcontinental Traverse: David Harrower’s Knives in Hens and Other Contemporary Scottish Plays in the Hungarian Language

András Beck, University of Salamanca




A review of three volumes concerning the work of J. M Barrie- Myths and the Mythmaker: A Literary Account of J.M. Barrie’s Formative YearsBarrie, Hook and Peter Pan: Studies in Contemporary Myth; Estudios sobre un mito contemporáneo, and Gateway to the Modern: Resituating J. M. Barrie.

David M. Clark, University of A Coruña


A review of Jonathan Murray’s Discomfort and Joy: The Cinema of Bill Forsyth.

Brian Hoyle, Dundee University